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Twin Motion Characters

I am having trouble finding sport characters for TwinMotionFor example a 2 Hockey Teams with Goalies - what format fbx? I need Volleyball, Pickleball, Basketball and just general sports like lifting.But where to find these. Any good sources?

Resolved! Terrain layer not exporting to BIMx

Hi, all! I am creating a BIMx model for the client to look at, but the layer I have the terrain in does not export and I can't find anywhere to choose which layers to export. Anyone had any similar issues? -Elise

elisebsk by Participant
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Cineware - different Surface / Bump Size

Hi there,I'm trying to create an abstract cardboard render.I created a cardboard texture which turned out really well and now I would like to apply that to the Terrain around it but while keeping the areal view image on top.At the moment the areal ju...


Teamwork Font and Model Visualization

Hello, I'm new to Archicad and started a Teamwork project with a coworker in the office. On my software I see fonts appropriately and in this case with the casework, I see knobs as well. My coworker however, shows that they have the correct font's bu...

Break Hotlink Button is not active

Archicad 25 - TeamworkI have the hotlink manager reserved and the hotlink file updated - why is the "break hotlink button" not active?

gdford by Advisor
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