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Visual Artefacts on PDF's


The quality of the final product is crucial for delivering excellent work, and meeting expectations.


I have encountered several times that ArchiCAD somehow doesn't properly work with fills, this results in unwanted lines within fills that should be continuous. With every project I had to patch normal fills with a fill on top to hide artefacts, Which has cost me alot of time. It seems highly uneccesary for this to exist.


One of these examples can be seen in the screenshot below.


The situation is three walls adjoined to form one element, however for some reason a dark grey line is shown, where there should be no line at all. Furthermore these lines do not show up in ArchiCAD, nor in the publisher, so the only way to know these faults exist is after all is said and done. Which makes this extremely time consuming to fix, especially in larger projects.


I saw another post from June 21th of 2022, where several users described similar issues.


This still isn't fixed.


What can be done to prevent this? When is this going to be resolved? From what I've read the only option is by disabling smooth lines within Adobe, which doesn't create satisfactory results because it will disable anti-aliasing.


Is there some hidden setting that might resolve this for good?


Please let me know.


Screenshot 2023-12-14 113823.png


These artefacts are a real eyesore when trying to use AC to produce high quality material for digital architectural presentations - which I thought was suppose to be a unique selling point for AC compared to e.g. Revit.  And seeing how the new focusgroup of S/MEP user won't even notice this issue - we are likely to be stuck with it.

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