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PBC Corner Wall Junction to clean up


Hi, I am wanting to get my floor plan displaying correctly for print. I have a picture here of a corner wall junction that I would like my stud partition wall to display correctly at the corner wall junction. I want no lines showing for the plaster, just a white stud through join to the external wall composite. How do I do this, I have have had a look at PBC or priority based connections but I think it will not work in these particular instances ?

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Given the studs of both walls is the same, the reference lines of the walls needs to intersect. To achieve this you either need to set your left and right walls to have an Internal Reference Line or use a Reference Line Offset for your internal walls equal to the differnce in thickness of your internal and external walls.



Both options have their disadvantages, so pick the one that fits the situation.




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Yes lining up the reference lines worked fine.


Thank you Ling.



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Barry Kelly

Ahh, the old internal corner wall not trimming problem.


That is purely because if you turn off the 'Clean wall & beam intersections' option off, you will see the internal corner of the wall does not really exist.




Turn the option on and it 'fakes' the corner - the wall length does not actually extend.

You then join an in internal wall (same building materials) and they don't merge, as technically the walls are not touching.

That is why flipping the reference line to the inside of the corner works.


However with a composite wall, you can not flip the reference line to the other side, you have to offset it.





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