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Modify Zone Stamp Area Suffix

I use Zone Stamp 02 25 because it has all of the functionality I need except for one thing; I need to change the suffix on the Area for certain documents. I need it to read "12,345 DGSF" as opposed to "12,345 sq ft" and I thought there used to be a w...

kevin b Contributor
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visualization work

Will visualization work on intel core i5 (11400), 16 GB of RAM, nividia rth 3050 4GB ?If it works, how good is it (for apartments/ small private houses)

Jeremi Participant
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Resolved! Wall intersection problem with mods

We are in the process of creating wet area mods for our master files. In most of the mods we include the interior fittings only but some optional bathroom layouts include extra walls which are included in the mod rather than the master. In the mod fi...

tjmillar_1-1653467723732.png tjmillar_0-1653466950786.png

Scale changing

My drawing keeps changing back to 1:100 between the drawing and the PDF from 1:50 but only in relation to the text. The drawing stays the same size. I change it in the drawing to 1:50 and the text is the right size. Then I go back to the pdf and the ...

Mel Newcomer
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Scale of 3D view of elements in a schedule

When click on a column of a 3D view of an element in a schedule, and then in the schedule dialog box I change the scale of the 3D view, the schedule does not remember the scale selected and reverts back to the default view the next time I go to the s...

gdford Advisor
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Resolved! Save as PDF

Greetings!I am fairly new to Archicad.Upon saving my work (Layout) in order to print it out, the PDF file either loads halfway or not at all when opened.I have tried saving my work through means of "Publishing", but the problem still persits.

TuhafeniPukulukeni_0-1653397747031.png Screenshot 2022-05-24 145426.jpg