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Show some window/door marker but not others in same view


Hi all I have a bit of a unique problem to ask.


I work for a house builder and we have different plans with varying level of detail depending on how deep in the sales process the customer is.  In the plan with the least detail which we call a "Presentation Plan" we have decided not to show the window and door markers to clean it up a bit.  However we want to show the marker for any large openings for which we are using "Rectangular Door Opening".


If we use model view options to turn off the markers for doors and windows it turns them all off so we have been going into the actual settings of the windows and doors and unticking the "show ID" box in the "Marker Symbol and Text" menu for the ones we don't want to show. This creates a situation where the designers need to be extra vigilant to make sure that none get missed when transitioning to the next level of detail where the markers are shown on the plan. Also if we start getting involved in larger projects as the company grows there will be a lot more to pay attention to.

Is there a way to select specific door objects to exclude from the MVO for the marker display only? Then we could set a favorite and then an MVO for presentation plans and not have to worry about it. There is a screenshot below of what we are trying to accomplish.



Brad Allen
Ironwood Manufactured Homes Inc.
Archicad 26
Windows 10
Marc H

Have you considered an associative label for those unique openings?  The associative label could be turned off for CD views if on a separate layer and the opening will still have its marker and be listed on the window schedule.  Not pure and a bit duplicitous, but should work with minimal effort?


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We have not even thought of that option.  It might be worth a try.


Thank you.

Brad Allen
Ironwood Manufactured Homes Inc.
Archicad 26
Windows 10

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