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Curtain wall on split level not seen on floor plan. How to fix?


I recently made a set of curtain walls for this building. My building is a sloping building so the elevation of a set of curtain walls changes per level. So part of the split level is a level under the building. 


In the floor plan, it its home story, only those half of the curtain walls are visible I feel like it is because the split level is already located in the story below. Compared to other modelling objects, the curtain wall seems limited in floor plan display options. 
I tried to set the curtain walls in the Floor Plan Display to Relevant Stories and Home Story only, and vice versa, but no luck. I have set it to Absolute Display Limit and even Entire Element, but still no luck. Is there any remedies to this?

Attached below is pictures of my curtain wall situation, my curtain wall on floor plan, and floor plan display option settings


Operating system used: Windows 27




image (2).png


image (1).png



Setup info provided by author