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Auto vs manual Viewport in Template - how to make everyone happy?


We are currently transferring to Archicad 27 and we have the first discussions on how to do things ( and save in the template).


There are some who mostly just do modeling at the beginning of a project and they want to have the viewports to auto.

Then there are those who have to review more and sort out things after the initial stage who get frustrated with the auto function and they want it set to manual. Which of course then causes frustration for those who want to quickly check things while they are modeling things.


Is there a way where the template can be set to one but you can just turn on/ off the auto/ manual function on all viewports at the same time?

Changing the settings while you are creating the viewports is not satisfying either groups.



Operating system used: Windows


There isn't a universal setting to active auto vs manual for views placed on layout sheet unfortunatley.


However you can use the drawing manager to change settings of a lot of views places on layout sheets in bulk, so this may assist.

It is also especially helpful if you want to update bulk views across multiple layout sheets too if you do have them set to manual.


My 2cents about the way we operate in our office is that we set all views the manual as it makes it much quicker to open layouts and prevents a drawing being unintentionally updated when you didn't want it to.  


Hope that helps.

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