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Metaverse news from Graphisoft clients

Imge Yaman

Hello Community!


Let me share some exciting news about Archicad and the Metaverse.


One of the Graphisoft clients, LC Waikiki, has been working on their Metaverse store for a while and yesterday they have published a short demo. The demo is created by using Archicad and other softwares including 3dsMax, Blender, Clo3D, Unreal Engine 4. Check out the Facebook video to see what they achieved so far. 


About the company: LC Waikiki is a Turkish retail company that has 1000+ stores all around the world. All of their stores are designed with Graphisoft solutions -  Archicad, BIMcloud and BIMx.


Note: I would like to highlight that this is just a trial. LC Waikiki team is still working on the design and there is no clear timeline when they will open the Meta-Store.


Thank you!


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