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Reflected Ceiling Plan - Ceiling cove graphics is not as per actual in ceiling plan

Archicad is not generating reflected ceiling plan, it only shows top view instead of reflected view from bottom.
Please review attached example screenshot of ceiling cove:
As seen in screenshot of ceiling plan view, Projected lines visible in plan are basically top view ceiling cove profile. 
Red circle marked elements are not visible in ceiling plan because they are covered from top and not visible in top view. This is incorrect graphics in ceiling plan. 
Ceiling plan must show projected lines from bottom.

Ceiling Cove_Section & Plan.jpg

"Phisically "Reflected ceiling plan can ve generated from plan view, 

Right click in plan view, click on "create 3D document from this viw "

The created 3d document documentation is not fluid and handy as the normal 2D plan view, but it does the job

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, 32 GB RAM, RTX 3080 10 GB
Archicad 27
Windows 11 professional

Agree,  While working on model in design development stage its important to have option to work on Reflected ceiling plan with correct graphics, where you can both review and edit elements in the same view.