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Renovation Tool plot / print problem

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Does anybody else have issues with the renovation tool when you override all items to be white so that you can print in black & white?

I have my renovation tool set up so that i can show the site plan in colour or black & white, it looks fine on the screen but when you print or plot from a layout in black & white it shows the meshes in a grey shading.

If i print / plot in colour its fine, they are white!

I only choose a white colour because the renovation filter options does not allow you to choose pen 0 transparent or -1 screen colour.

Is this a glitch or is there a way to sort this issue?

I am currently getting round this issue by creating a pen set with all co,ours black, that way i can plot in colour but everything is black & white.

I have attached a saved pdf in b&w below. (on my screen all meshes are white with black outlines)
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this is what I see on the screen!
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Well I'm not sure I completely understand your issue, but:

Renovation filters do allow background color pens to be set to window and null pens. Albeit in the background color - not the line nor the foreground pen colors. Try using a blank fill (air or empty) with this setting.
Review your renovation "Additional Filter Options" as well.

PS if possible post your images in jpg or png, that way they will show up in the initial reading of your post, I only have to download if I want greater detail.
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Thank you for your replies.

I have set the renovation filter to empty fill with pen 91 (white) for the Fill foreground pen & pen 0 for the background pen.

It loks fine on the screen and if i publish in colour it comes out fine, but if i publish in black and white (which is what it is really on the screen), then it comes out grey.

If i have uploaded correctly both the drawings noted as Scrap are the same layout but published in colour & then in b&w, the b&w published drawing is the grey one.

I will try to attach the settings & the outcome in png format.
B&W Publish.png
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Same layout published in colour
Colour Publish.png
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Filter Settings, they are the same for both existing & Proposed
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I haven't seen this particular issue, but I begin troubleshooting by reviewing these pen&print related items as shown on the attached image:

On the left) the drawings selection settings (from the navigator layout view)
on the Right) the publisher tool. You have to select at least one drawing before you are able to open the Document options where you will see the "save pdf with" drop down sub-menu.

I am mildly curious about your renovation filter names. They are unclear in terms of existing, new, or demolition. Are you actually using them for another purpose than delineating renovation status?

Another item, in general - I suggest you try the window pen, not the Null or 0 pen for the background. I seriously doubt the actual pens in use are creating this issue though. The window pen will correspond to your on screen background in the event you use a pale background color in order to see your where your white line-work might be.


PS Review what is going on with those house roofs near the upper margin of your screen shot. They may give some additional insight to your problem.
White vs Gray Printing2.png
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