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Show Window Cover Fills Despite MVO Override to Show Opening Only

Studio Johnston

I would like to use graphic overrides to show a coloured cover fill on windows for a certain view.

This would work, however, I also have an active model view option to show windows as opening only.


Is there a way to have opening only by MVO, but also have active graphic override.


The purpose is for concrete profile drawings; I want to show where there is a sill so that it doesn't appear just appear like the window go to the floor.


Hopefully this explanation plus attached photos are enough to explain. 5 images total

1) Concrete drawing - showing active MVO

2) General plan drawing - showing active MVO

3) General plan drawing - showing graphic override for window cover fill functioning

4) Concrete drawing - showing graphic override for window cover not functioning

5) Graphic override rules


Operating system used: Mac Intel-based

Ricardo Lopez

Hi @Studio Johnston 


I thing it is not possible to graphic override the window if you have hidden it with MVO.

Maybe you could show it and change the rule, so everything has the same color.



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