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Square footages


Greetings. For those of us who have to have AutoCAD as well as Archicad, it's easy to compare both for certain features. I've made a fill in order to calculate a square footage of that fill in Archicad. With AutoCAD, just click on the fill, and square footage (area), perimeter and other bits of info are easily accessed. Why can't I just click on a fill in Archicad and get the same bits of info?


Is there a way to calculate s. f. for a fill in Archicad?




Hello all, I just notices a small text showing a square footage for the fill. That's great. but the perimeter lineage would be helpful. I guess I'm asking for a great deal of info for a fill that may or may not exist.


Thanks for considering this conversation, but for now, the s.f. is all that I need and it's apparently displayed in a text above the fill.



Rick Thompson

The Element Information pallet is very helpful for all the above.  Just select the floor slab(s) and it will provide everything you need.  I use it all the time.

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@LydaGoyette wrote:

In Archicad, to calculate the square footage of a fill, you can use the 'Zone Stamp' tool. After placing zones over the filled area, the Zone Stamp will display information including area, perimeter, and other details. It's not as direct as AutoCAD, but this method provides the necessary information. 


But if you are using a zone with a zone stamp or zone label, you do not need the fills at all.



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