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Text disappears in AC25 when zoom?

Anders Juul DK



After installing Archicad on our MAC, we've had a problem with the text partially disappearing as we zoom in and out of the drawing!

I have a Macbook Pro and 2 extra 27 "screens. It is only on the 2 extra screens that it appears.


And it has not been a problem on AC24 or other older versions!






Yes, I switched to 26 probably the next day after posting this question. There are new but less annoying issues with 26. I use scroll zoom on my Magic Mouse a lot and every once in a. while (always after editing text) the zoom gets wonky. The fix is switching to a different app/window and back or just clicking the Mission Control key (F3) twice and it is good to go. 

Same thing here.  26 works better than 25 (text no longer missing) but have the same scroll zoom issue with my Magic Mouse that now happens.  After scrolling, it continues to zoom slightly in or out, on its own.  Very annoying.  MacBook Pro 2021, 16 inch, M1 Pro Chip, 32Gb on macOS Monterey.


I have the exact same zooming problem, using a Magic Trackpad.  I just figured it was too specific of an issue to be widely experienced.  I was assuming it was due to using my apps "Full Screen" (which I've used for years) or something.

My "solutions" are similar to yours, too.  Switching apps was usually good enough.  Or opening Work Environment and re-selecting my Profile. I hadn't tried the F3 solution, I'll keep that in my pocket for future use, thanks.



MBP 2019, 16", intel i9, Monterey (12.6.1)

AC 6.5-26; macOS Ventura; 2019 MacBook Pro 2.4gHz, i9

I think everyone in our office is experiencing this so you aren't alone.  I don't use any apps in full screen so I don't think that is the issue.. 


Thanks.  It's good to hear I'm not too isolated on this.  This prevalent of a bug should be worked on at Archicad HQ.  

Are you getting this with an M1 MBP, like JBAI-2016?  I had another idea that it was related to my hardware deficiencies. 



AC 6.5-26; macOS Ventura; 2019 MacBook Pro 2.4gHz, i9

yes, M1 MBP

Mind if I pick your brain a minute?  If not I get it.

How's your experience with the M1?  I've been contemplating upgrading to the M2 when it comes out, but I don't know if it will make much of a difference.  

My machine bogs down on what I think are simple things: screen redraws, selecting elements in the Plan window, etc.

I know there's a ton of variables from person to person, but can you say, in general, how the M1 performs with the PLN files on an external screen?



AC 6.5-26; macOS Ventura; 2019 MacBook Pro 2.4gHz, i9

Happy to help. I may not have the best perspective as I just recently upgraded from a late 2013 27" iMac. We put off upgrading for the last couple of years and I was a bit out of date prior to that.. So what I have know is sooo much better than what I was using.. I'm currently using an M1 Max MBP 14" w/ 32gb and a 34" ultra wide LG screen. I currently have 3 instances of AC26 open and they all seem to run fine. I often have more instances (6-8) running and haven't had any issues (aside from the above)..  I think if I had it to do over again I might push for 64gb memory but the guidance I got indicated that 32 would be fine and honestly it might be. I'm not sure what the current timeframe is on the M2 but it might be worth waiting a bit longer just because it will likely be better and last a bit longer. I swear I get more lag due to 2d information than I ever do with 3d information.. 

Great, thank you so much. When I upgraded, it was from a 2011 MBP to the 2019.  I agree, great overall improvement.  But I swear AC22, and later AC25, worked much better, overall, on the 2019 MBP than AC26 does.  AC26 has much quicker Elevations, Sections and 3D regeneration, but the 2D slowdowns I get are so infuriating. And to hear you get them with the M1, that's unfortunate. 

FYI, my 2019 MBP has 64gb of RAM, and I can run multiple instances of AC26, like you, but the slowdowns in 2D are still there, no matter what, especially when using an external screen, of which I've tried 4-5 different ones at this point, with no improvement.

Since I'm in no hurry to spend $4k upgrading to the M2 so soon, whenever it comes out, I'll probably stick with my 2019 for a bit longer.  Maybe.

Thanks again for your thoughts, 


AC 6.5-26; macOS Ventura; 2019 MacBook Pro 2.4gHz, i9

To be clear the 2d slow downs have been around forever and I've been on AC since like version 9 or something. The slowdowns now are way better than they were on the iMac but that is likely just be the faster hardware. I would minimize the amount of 2D and turn off those layers when you don't need them.


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