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Transmittal sets for single users



I have no experience of using transimattal sets, and not even sure I entirely understand them. 

Just wondering, is this feature in any way useful for single users such as myself, working on small projects, houses and renovation projects? It doesnt appear to be but I was just wondering if it might be useful in anyway.

For example: I have a set of plans that need to be completed for a planning application, or construction drawings for the contractors, can it be used to change the colour of the layouts listed in the layout book in order to keep track of which ones are ready/finished?



I am a single user and I find the Transmittal Set workflow is useful, especially if you use the built in revision object in your title sheets and are disciplined enough to record your changes. It isn't an easy workflow to grasp and I got to where I am with a lot of trial and error and a few client embarrassments. Best tip save regularly with separate copies so you can go back and test it until you feel confident of how to use the workflow.


Regards colour changing, it isn't a great feature and improvements have been requested, but basically if you start a new transmittal all the drawings which have marked changes added since your last issue will be highlighted, BUT it won't tell you which drawings have changed and haven't been added to the set you are about to publish.  

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