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Waterproof coating lines / slopes in %

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Hi everyone,

We have created a line type - waterproof coating for detailing but we keep getting strange deformations such as the one on the attached image. Any ideas why? Honestly I prefer using hatches to do this kind of detail, but... Comments?

Secondly, is there a way to automatically find the slope for a segment of a hatch so we can automatically get the percentage like on the attached image? I know that for roofs is possible but I am guessing in this case, I would need to find a smart objet, no?

Thank you in advance.
we routinely use a poly line like yours for membrane and filet the corners after they're placed. when prompted type 0 for the radius and AC will do the rest.

ARCHICAD slabs are not concrete. Too bad. Being able to pick a point and then alter the slab edges by assigning a slope away from that point would be amazing.
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Tank you for replying. Filet corners don't work on our side either because the line that is over the white zone gets broken, so there is no real perfect connection between the two fillet lines. The weird angle as seen in the first sent image is gone though.

How is your line done ? do you manage to unite them correctly?

I had a similiar issue. Placing arc on cornes of polylines fixed that for me. But now im strugling on how to move the points where the lines connect. Any ideas? I want to move them from the middle of a line (Image A) to the side of a line (image B).




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