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A Better Align Tool

This is more a request/wish of an end user than a developer, but where else would I go? I have also posted this on the new

I, being of no GDL skill, come humbly to you asking for a recreation of the Orbit style Align Tool, and if I am lucky, let it include the UPPER-lower case as those swell guys built into the original. That was, what seemed a simple but useful function, as well. Select all text in a block and change to upper case. [This allowed you to "drive" without the capital lock on, which invariably effected the selection process, when you least wanted it to......] but, that would be icing on the cake!

That little gem of an API was elegantly simple, offered very, very predictable results, and the interface was minute. It completed all of the functions the current Graphisoft align array of tools within a fraction of the screen space, and a very simple series of command/clicks.

One of the very best parts of this was the simple graphic interface, in a very compact dialogue box! You didn't have to select from a choice menu, and repeat that process umpteen times. [Like calling out trim on a library window part.] You simply selected your elements/objects, chose the type of alignment, [top vertical, left horizontal, diagonal center, etc....], drew a line, or as I recall selected a line to adjust to, and you were done. One, two, three! This alignment point was choosen or created by you, at the moment you wanted to realign, without having to move one of the objects to that point ahead of time. The appearance was much akin to a small ArchiForma Dialogue box, circa ver 7. I had it set to a hot key for on/off display. SIMPLE! It was just sweet!

The Orbit group was giving it away for versions 7, 8-8.1 and 9 to the best of my knowledge and no longer are interested in dedicating the resources to create a version 10 unit. I can send one [the 8.1 version], to anyone who's willing, interested, or even has an inkling to give it a go, for reference, or how ever you folks might approach such a thing.

I used it more times a day than I can count and I am missing it's versatility more and more the farther I get with version 10. I find the Graphisoft version is overly complex, and doesn't yield consistent least for this user. Frustrating to have something good taken away.........I would be very grateful if I could have it back.

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