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Corner drawer library part

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Hi fellow users.
Anyone aware of a library part for corner drawers?
If you are talking about kitchen drawers, you can try to use object called "Cabinet Base Corner C with Sink". In object parameters just switch off the sink. It has only one drawer and main door. But if you really need several drawers - you can create custom door, that looks like several drawers.
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Hi Alexey,

just read you message. Thank you for commenting.
It was for a weird client who wanted a stack of drawers in a corner cabinet, with the runners entering at 45 degree into it and the door front made with 2-90 degrees boards joint together. Just a waste of time in my opinion. Ended up fudging it with 2 drawer cabinets meeting at 90 degree with each other. I know I know, terrible, but those drawers are just wrong and should not exist, let alone modelling it in 3D. LoL
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