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About building parametric objects with GDL.

GDL: How do you get access to 'properties' via GDL from a property object


I have as explained previously, a legacy database properties system setup in Archicad and am just reinstating it as there is nothing close eg using the new properties as, while the idea is great, they are a far cry for anyone trying to do orders out of Archicad...which it can do nicely and in an industry relevant way.

This is what the priced database looks like (which simply imports updated via text file from estimating price list)



Previously you could easily attach property objects via settings (using criteria has its uses but direct attachment is the most common), you can see the option for eg roof here






So in this case, the original sediment fence object would create the order entry




(Despite the formatting now being broken which is another issue eg 0:12.2) It perfect for most builders and of course I just write the raw data as tab delimited for export to estimating



I just need to be able to graft the whole system back together and recover...well a lot of work that has gone into the plain vanilla archicad feature



and its an incredibly simple and elegant solution (except for the layout management which just needed a wysiwyg editor)


So since a lot of the new items eg handrails, have no direct attachment of properties for this system, the only way I can see to do it is to pipe the values via the new properties etc which would be fine...except HOW?


Operating system used: Windows

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