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GDL Standard Library Macro hierarchies

I am looking to do some work on custom windows, doors etc. and wondered if there is any documentation anywhere of the hierarchy of macros that get called in the standard library so I can see what elements I can call and what I need to build from scratch.

Obviously, I can just open up an object and look through its scripts for what macros it calls and then look through them and so on - I am hoping there might be a reference document somewhere that would let me see an overview.

In particular, I am interested in three things:
  • Putting thin wrappers around existing objects to tweak the behaviour slightly,
  • Creating new surrounds (closures/reveals, cills etc.) while using the existing doors/windows,
  • Creating new doors/windows that use the existing surrounds.
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There is no documentation about the hierarchy as far as I know, but it is reasonably easy to search each of the macros for the Call command, with a separate one for basically each type of door / window component.

1. I guess you could create a new object that calls the existing doors/windows and their relevant parameters. In this way you do not need to rescript the existing object as they just sit within yours.
2. This one would require you to modify every macro in the stack up to your new surrounds macro
3. I think the relevant macro to replace is 3 or 4 levels in so it might be worth starting from scratch and calling whichever macros you are wanting.

It would be nice to have a proper overview of the macro hierarchy and what each of them do. I have only delved into it to get to the door panel macro.


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Peter Baksa
A Library Developer Kit is available at after registration.
It has a documentation about the door-window macros. The parameter lists are not up-to-date, but it may help with the purpose of the base macros.
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Thanks for the help.

I've tried to sign up for the developer ID to access those docs, but in the meantime, I've just brute forced it and extracted the standard library from its container and then wrote a little python script which iterated through the files to find every call contained in them. I have now produced a csv file with all the links. When I have a bit more time I'll try and process that into something useful.
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