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Get object parameter (GDL variable) with Autotext

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I've been struggling with this issue for a while, but because it seems simple, I thought I might just have missed some simple solution. But here goes:
I GDL script custom objects from scratch and want to label them with the autotext function. In schemes you have the ability to find additional object parameters (variables from the script) and list them, but with autotext in the category "Object/Lamp" I am limited to Length, Rotation and Surface - which has no purpose in my case. Is there any way to identify these variables with autotext? Or maybe som other solution?
I am aware of the Element ID (GLOB_ID) possibility, but it's simply too ineffective, thus I have to type it manually in all objects. As far as I know, it's not possible to set GLOB_ID directly from the script.

Thanks in advance
- Slumstrup
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Hi Slumstrup,

I have the same query as you. I found one label tool called Label Everything may help you. The tool was developed by Masterscript. It is able to label individual GDL parameter.

Jeffrey Shan
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The label can get the variable argument of the object, you can use the request,
Here is an example, you can refer to
n = REQUEST("ASSOCLP_PARVALUE",  "object variable name ", DUMMY_name_index, DUMMY_type, DUMMY_flags, DUMMY_dim1, DUMMY_dim2, name)
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The Label created by licheng6095 worked on my model, but the issue is: I can´t chose the size of the font or the style. How can I configure it?
Just add a Style statement at the start of the script?

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