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About building parametric objects with GDL.

How Convert AC27 to AC26 and beyond.


I read this on an Archicad facebook group

"Hi. I work on Archicad 27 and my friends on Archicad 26. I save my project in an older version (Archicad 26), but when my friend opens it, most of the elements (chairs, tables) are not displayed. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?"
Well, there is a way to carry out a library conversion and it is very simple, by abbreviating any object found in the embedded library it can be converted to a previous version.

This way has 2 restrictions:
The object must not have new GDL instructions that are incompatible with the previous version, nor must it have a password.

Now the steps to be able to export a file from ac27 to ac26 are as follows.

1.Use the GDL object editing toolbar to extract the ArchiCAD object library and the surface library.
The option to extract the container is indicated.
This option will extract the content to a dedicated folder


2.With the library manager Change the LCF file of the objects and surfaces with the folders where you extracted the content
3.Now the objects will be read from these folders.
Ok, then save your file in PLA file format
4.Open your PLA file and use the Extract the objects to a library folder option.



5. Once the file is open, go to the library manager - select the library folder and use the Embed the objects option
Now all the objects in the folder will be in the embedded library.



6.Next save your file in the previous version of Archicad 26.
7.Enjoy, you will be able to open your file in Archicad 26 without problems and in any language

This way you can convert your file as many times as the compatibility of the GDL code allows it.

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