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Labeling a Hard-coded Property

I would like to have a simple label which calls out a specific hard-coded property. Not a general properties label. For example, we have a property under General called Remarks. Seems like this should be the code, but it does not work:
DIM _propertyValues[][]
rrr = REQUEST("Property_Value_Of_Parent", "Remarks", type, dim1, dim2, _propertyValues)
_str = 'blank' ! default
IF rrr > 0 THEN
	_str = _propertyValues[1][1]

TEXT2 0, 0, _str
This gives the default text, showing the request did not work.

What I am I missing?
James Murray

Archicad 25 • Rill Architects • macOS •
Podolsky wrote:

Endif not needed before next i

True. As long you like oneliner IFs.
I don't.

But that was not the missing piece anyway 🙂
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