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About building parametric objects with GDL.

No wide dashed lines like AutoCAD or Indesign in ArchiCAD, But GDL can simulate this


There are no wide dashed lines like AutoCAD or Indesign in ArchiCAD. It seems that GS has no plans to add such lines. However, designers need this type of line to prominently express their design intent.

GDL can simulate this type of line, but arcs are very difficult because it is necessary to calculate various situations when the arc is stretched, as well as the length and spacing of linear units along the arc layout.


Currently trying to implement it ... 

line type.jpg





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Though designers can set pen thickness for any types of line. Plus it's easy to create new line types for users in AC.

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But you cannot use fill as a linetype element.

@yongler wrote:

But you cannot use fill as a linetype element.

No, for the coloured fills and arrows as in your image, you will need a GDL object.

Otherwise, creating a custom line type from just lines in plan (not fills) is possible.

They can have an automatic arrow at either end, but you are limited to the default built-in arrows.









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Amazing ! Are you planning to make to GDL object available to download ? It will very helpful for me ! 


Great work !!

Not available yet. 

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