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Object (wall accessory) attached to wall


I am trying to create a wall accessory (subtype: Model Element > Building Element > Covering > Accessory > Wall (Accessory)) that is fixed to the wall. It will always be the same length as the wall. (Base length only. The object have A and B offset to extend its length.)


☑️When I move the wall, the objects move with the wall.

☑️When I resize the wall, the object also changes its size.


The problem now is that I can still move the object by itself. Is there a way to keep users from moving the object? Or better, move the parent/owner wall when the object was modified?



ARCHICAD 26 INT (from AC18)
Windows 11 Pro, AMD Ryzen 7, 3.20GHz, 32.0GB RAM, 64-bit OS

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