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About building parametric objects with GDL.

"Button" with Hyperlink on the Floorplan/Worksheet

Hey, I am curious if there is any possibility to have an object (or something similar) which acts like a button which can be given any type of hyperlink and when it's placed on the floorplan and you click on it, you will automatically forwarded to e.g. a webpage or a file on the server.

At the moment the workaround is to have a custom object with a graphic UI in its settings where you will find such buttons. However it would be great if there would be the direct possibility without having to go to the object settings every time.
Barry Kelly
You can just type the web link as text.
When you publish as a PDF it will become a hyperlink.
The problem is you can disguise the link text as some other abbreviated text.

I guess a trick might be to type the web address with white text so it doesn't print and then place the abbreviated text over the top.
I just tried and it works but I found I had to bring the abbreviated text forward in the display order, otherwise it truncates the web link.

I also like to use QR codes because they even work from paper plans.
Just scan with your phone and you can access whatever the QR code is linking to.

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Ah yes I am aware that web links if typed correctly are becoming hyperlinks when published.
I probably was not clear enough about the purpose because when I wrote "floorplan" I actually meant within Archicad.

So, the goal is to have kind of an interactive tutorial for our office standard template and processes where a sample project can be explored within AC, but it is also commented and as putting next to it all the rich-media information is not possible (and would also be way to much) it would be great to have a button "Click here for Video" which forwards automatically to the corresponding intranet wiki, or to a document, or ....

So, at the moment this is just kinda possible with an object that says "Hey check my settings, there is a link in the UI Dialog" where this can be achieved with an URL button. However, it would be way more convenient if there is an option to have such a working button directly on the canvas ... maybe there is some way to do this.
Peter Baksa
GDL can't do this.
Péter Baksa
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