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About building parametric objects with GDL.

window shutters for the Wall-Addon - (goodies)


Some ideas for window shutters.


turn off the sound - its german and have just a look at it.. Tell me Your opinions - its a GDL for the wall-addon (goodies)


in the  Youtube-Decription you'll find the Dropbox-Link..


AC5.5-AC27EduAut, PC-Win10, MacbookAirM1, MacbookM1Max, Win-I7+Nvidia

last bugs elliminated.


It was a matter of doubled groupnames - the reason, why the second half of the leave was not shown as grouped grid. Grouping is very performance-consuming, so i added a switch to turn off the grouping and it will just put in simple sticks crosswise (slow enough). the fastest option seems to be the picture-option.



AC5.5-AC27EduAut, PC-Win10, MacbookAirM1, MacbookM1Max, Win-I7+Nvidia

Dood! Let's collaborate and make our own suite of tools!  

Years ago, i asked Graphisoft Germany, if it was possible for me as Teacher to earn money for my GDLs. Their answer: "No".


As Consumer of an free Edu-Version, i am not allowed to earn any money from my Edu-Archicad-Situation. Personally, i don't understand this decision, but since then, i made it so.


If they decide that i can earn money with my Edu-Archicad, then we can collaberate at any time. Or - If the community here decides to buy me an commercial Archicad Version with updates, then we can. 


But now - its not possible for me. 


But we can still share ideas here in the open.

AC5.5-AC27EduAut, PC-Win10, MacbookAirM1, MacbookM1Max, Win-I7+Nvidia

There is also a developer license type, available at

Péter Baksa
Software Engineer, Library as a Platform
Graphisoft SE, Budapest
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