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A new shiny star


I've watched a new video from GS youtube channel regarding BIM Authoring program and really liked the presenter manner, she's the best voice i heard since that awesome voice for that presenter in this video,

I mean her voice is clear not high or low not fast or slow, her accent is excellent,

So i like to thank GS for this choice and i recommend she continues presenting more & more especially in learning hub.


BTW can anyone tells us the two presenters' names?


Thanks Graphisoft.

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Karl Ottenstein

I like her voice as well... and also like the man's voice in the other video link (although he almost sounds like an AI) ... in particular because I always watch Graphisoft Learn and other videos at 1.5x speed (sometimes 1.25x speed) as the information flows way too slowly for me at normal speed and both voice sound good at high speed as well.  (I understand and appreciate that the slower speed is helpful for non-native English speakers.  No criticism of the content/speakers intended.)


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