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ACE 2007 Training Event, This January

The growth of BIM among architectural firms in the Northeast is growing - this is a fact we are experiencing every day.

But there are very few ArchiCad proficient architects available to these firms. When they transition to ArchiCad, they pay a high up-front cost for the hardware and software, at the same time that they lose initial productivity while they get staff up to speed. In the Northeast, training events are few and far between, there are no user's groups and the local AC community appears to be next-to-nonexistent, so ArchiCad uptake, unfortunately has been slow (compared to the West!)

Rather than do several training events in different firms (something that has become part of my job description) - we decided to pool resources, get a killer venue, bring in some excellent CAD managers and trainers, and begin to develop a culture of AC users in the region.

So - we are very excited to announce the first event of its kind here in Canada:

ArchiCad East | 2007 - click for event details and registration

The Registration form is now live, and more event details will be posted throughout December! Let us know if you wish to attend by filling out the form linked above, and we will follow up by telephone.

PS - This is a not-for-profit event, we are running this on a cost-recovery basis only, which is why the rates are so reasonable!
Andy Thomson, M.Arch, OAA, MRAIC
Thomson Architecture, Inc.
Instructor/Lecturer, Toronto Metropolitan University Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science
AC26/iMacPro/MPB Silicon M2Pro


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