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Building Together Challenge - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Szabolcs Miko

Who can participate?

Anyone! You will need to use Archicad version 24 or 25 with a professional or educational license for the submission and you will need to accept the Terms and Conditions. Exact details about participation terms and rules can be also found in this document. If you are new to Archicad or do not have an Archicad license you can get a free, 30 day access to Archicad by visiting this page: Try Archicad – Graphisoft


What are the prizes?

The 50 designs with the most votes will win cool prizes!

All awarded participants receive a BIMx Pro license and a goodie package in the amount of $100.

The first prize is a full discount voucher for Graphisoft's BIM Manager Program valid for the next 6 months starting with September 27, 2021.


How do I submit my design?

To participate in the competition with a success full entry you need to do 2 things:

More details and guidelines are also share at these locations.


What is the file format for submission?

Submissions can be created in the International template, or using your own localized template. You can download the International Template for the challenge on our Design Challenge Page.

The files should be exported from Archicad and submitted in .mod format (or for educational users .mde). You have three options to do that:

  • Option 1: Select the elements that you would like to export in a 3D view and then access File/External Content/Save selection as Module
  • Option 2: Us the File/Save as option from a Floor plan View and select .mod format
  • Option 3: Use the preset "Module Submission View" from the View Map in the template to publish a Module.

The result will be a .mod file (or for educational users .mde file) which is often used during hotlinking.

Read more about hotlink modules here:


What are my options if I’m not using the INT version of Archicad? 

  • Open the template to follow instructions, then create your model using your own localized or company template. 
  • Use the INT version with INT library which you can download here: 
  • You can link your localised Library to the INT template file. However, if you do this you will still have missing attributes. These missing attributes can be deleted manually, and other Attributes can be added to the template.

What is the file size for submission?

The file size limit is 100 MB. But the module that you will submit is likely to be much smaller.


Can I submit more than one entry?

No, you can have only one nomination, but you can change or update your submitted model while registrations are open (until September 24 12:00PM CET). You can also update your submitted image, title and captions on the Community portal as well, where you collect votes.


Where can I find the federated BIMx model?

You can take a look at the federated model online on our Building Together website.

You can also download the BIMx model directly on your phone directly from the BIMx Transfer site.

BIMx is free and available for download on the App Store or on Google Play


How do I collect votes?

You can collect votes by posting your submission on the Graphisoft Community .

 and collecting likes. The more likes the more chances you have to win a variety of prizes. You need to be signed in with your Graphisoft ID. Read more here:


What is Graphisoft ID?

You can read more about Graphisoft ID here.


How do I submit my design on Graphisoft Community?

You can submit your image following the instructions listed in the menu under Get together/Building Together Challenge


When is the submission deadline?

Voting and submissions are open until September 24th 2021 at 12:00pm

The deadline is for both plan files on and the image for entering the challenge on


You can use either version 24 or 25, these include any localized version. However, we recommend version 25 (if it’s already available in your country) as there are more library parts available.


The international template, that you can download from the Building Together event website is for the International version of Archicad. It can be used to follow the steps and basic guidelines for the submission. Feel free to use any localized version of Archicad 24 or 25 for the submission.


What library parts can I use?

The federated model will only allow the use of default Archicad libraries (standard or built-in library parts). Each version of Archicad is shipped with a standard object library containing hundreds of preconfigured, editable objects (also known as GDL objects or Library parts).

When creating a new project, Archicad will load the library contained in the template used for the new project. Each subsequent version of Archicad comes with an updated Archicad Library. There are different Libraries corresponding to different national standards.

If you use an external library (not included in the default Archicad library) any object from that library will not show up in your submitted file.


I see a black and white chessboard texture instead of normal surface colours, what can I do?

This means that you have missing Library Parts and Surfaces. If you are not using the international version of Archicad or the INT library is missing from your library manager, the easiest solution is to download the INT library and add it to your Library Manager. You don't need to have the INT version of Archicad to use the INT library. Find the Archicad International Library available for download here: 

Here you will be able to download the Libraries compressed in a ZIP file. Please decompress the file first and then you will be able to use the folder as a Linked  Library in Archicad. 


How can I vote?

You can vote by giving “LIKES” to your favorite submissions on the Community.


Do I need a Graphisoft ID to enter the challenge?

Yes, you need a Graphisoft ID to enter your post into the community portal and get likes. However, if you would only like to submit your model to be joined into the federated model you can do this without a Graphisoft ID on the Building Together site.


How can I create an isometric drawing in Archicad?

In Archicad you can choose both Axonometric and Perspective views for your 3D window. If you choose axonometric you can easily set up any kind of axonometric view. You can also find it set and saved as a predefined view in the template provided. For future reference this is how you can create this kind of view.


How can I upload an image to the community portal?

Once you have logged into the Community you can find the Buildling Together Challenge tab under “GET TOGETHER”. There you can enter the contest under the Entries Tab.


How will the shared models be federated in one shared model?

Each submission in .mod format will be included into the federated model via the hotlinking method. You can read more about this in the link below:


I have submitted my design but I can't see it in the federated model in BIMx. Why is this?

Each day we receive a series of submissions, and these are updated into the federated model as soon as possible. However, we only update the BIMx file every evening starting on the 13th of September. If you don’t see you model yet it could be that the model is still waiting to be updated. If by the end of the submission date you do not see your model, please feel free to let us know.


Where can I find help to learn how to use Archicad?

For online training materials please visit where you can access many beginner and advanced courses or look at our Youtube channel for more tutorials.


If you don't find the answer to your question please leave us a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


The Graphisoft Team

Szabolcs Mikó

Education Program Manager


The template, that you can download from the Building Together event website is for the International version of Archicad. It can be used to follow the steps and basic guidelines for the submission. Feel free to use any localized version of Archicad 24 or 25 for the submission.


 The given template link does not work, please check the given address (%20https//).

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Thanks for the notice, fixed and updated.

Szabolcs Mikó

Education Program Manager



I have doubts if the attributes of the local version will show up if it's not sent in .pla.

If I send in .mod it´s will work?

A MOD file will include all of the attributes for those elements in the file.

Rather than a PLA that will include all attribute - even those that are not used.


A MOD file will be smaller which is probably why it is the preferred format.



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This is most likely why they only allow the use of the standard object library.

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Szabolcs Miko

Hi, thanks for answers! We have a quite unusual scenario that we needed to solve, that alone is interesting enough already. We receive entries from 2 Archicad versions, AC24 and AC25, we will also receive entries from EDU and Full versions, to add to that you can use many localised versions. The best way to tackle this challenge seemed to accept mods, and connect many localised libraries to the federated file. We will create a 3 step federation process:

- make sure to have all attributes and library parts in the first step in smaller groups 5-10 modules in local files

- then move over to the next level when we'll federate these in a BIMcloud model

- finally publish the result in a BIMx model


We are also planning to make the INT library accessible, so that that can be used with the template by default.

Szabolcs Mikó

Education Program Manager

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