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BIM6x Website Goes Live & Offers ArchiCAD Template Kits!

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
Hi All

This is my first 'Events' post so go easy on me!

As many of you know I have been on ArchiCAD-Talk for a long time and have always tried helping whenever time permits. And also that my specialty has always been creating customized ArchiCAD Templates for users around the world. Well, over the past 12 months I have been very busy relocating back to the US and working on a series of ArchiCAD Template Kits for our new company, BIM6x. I feel this is the best way to help as many people as possible.


The big event that I’m here to post about is that our website is finally live! Please visit us at!

At BIM6x, amongst other things, we are providing three ArchiCAD Template Kits:

The BIM6x Starter Kit is FREE! And it includes a ground-breaking ArchiCAD 18 Template, a 163 page BIM Manual, an Example Project of a fully modeled, data-rich, three story, mixed-use building with 73 views pre-linked onto 84 layouts, as well as Favorites, Work Environments for Mac & PC, a Layer Matrix, Libraries, and an example Folder Framework. It’s very customizable and scalable and it’s our gift to all ArchiCAD users. We truly hope it helps people understand the real power of a pre-linked ArchiCAD Template, and teaches them some best-practice ArchiCAD techniques along the way!

The BIM6x Launch Kit offers much more functionality, BIM data and power at a very affordable price.

The BIM6x Power Kit includes everything in the other Kits, but on steroids! This template is part of our flagship solution and has a whopping 931 views pre-linked onto 408 layouts, comprising Marketing, Schematic Design, Design Development & Construction Documentation Sets. Plus it has 21 schedules, audits and indexes, built-in COBie data and IFC & COBie publisher sets. If you really want to master ArchiCAD, if you really want to get to the 'ArchiCAD Summit' then this is the kit for you!

If you just want to read about the BIM6x Power Template, our 182 page BIM6x Power Manual is also available separately. I have attached a Preview PDF of it to this post.


I hope that this generates a new level of interest and education in ArchiCAD Templates. Even if you already have a great template, I really think you will benefit from checking the BIM6x Template Kits out. And if you know anyone who is in need of a robust ArchiCAD template or if you read an ArchiCAD-Talk post where these may help, please include a link to this post. I’d really appreciate your support and endorsement.

Please feel free to add any questions or comments to this post, I’d love to hear from you. And please bookmark our site as we have some BIG plans for the rest of the year!

Thanks and sorry for the long post!


Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
Just an FYI that BIM6x Template Kits for ArchiCAD 19 are Available NOW!

At BIM6x we’ve been helping Graphisoft test ArchiCAD 19 for over five months now and are happy to announce that we have taken everything we’ve learnt during this time, along with your feedback from our ArchiCAD 18 Kits and included it in our updated BIM6x Template Kits for ArchiCAD 19! The templates and example projects in our kits now include all the new ArchiCAD 19 features, including:

- Completely updated attributes that are exactly aligned with the US ArchiCAD 19 Commercial template and the INT version equivalent through our migration libraries.

- All libraries are updated and new ArchiCAD 19 objects, markers and labels are utilized throughout.

- New schedules have been added to take advantage of advances in listing and scheduling, and new BIMx Pro export features.

- Improved Work Environment Profiles for Mac and PC include new shortcuts, menus, palettes and of course ArchiCAD 19’s new Tab Bar, which support background updating.

- The example projects have been modified to include all of the 3D tools, all of the viewpoint tools, and most of the 2D tools, including radial, angular and level dimensions.

- And of course everything is explained in great detail in our BIM Manuals, completely updated with ArchiCAD 19 features, images and references.

ArchiCAD 19’s new Snap and Guide Lines, expanded Surface Catalog, Dimension and Label improvements, Listing and Scheduling improvements, Point Cloud capabilities, IFC, MEP and BIMx import/export options, and Library improvements can all be taken advantage of in the new BIM6x ArchiCAD Kits. More information is available at

And anyone who supported BIM6x by downloading the BIM6x Starter Kit for ArchiCAD 18, is eligible to receive the BIM6x Starter Kit for AchiCAD 19 for FREE. Or you can take $99 off the BIM6x Launch Kit or our flagship product, the BIM6x Power Kit. You’ll automatically be notified via email, shortly.

In just a few short months, almost 1000 ArchiCAD users from every corner of the world have downloaded our kits and we look forward to helping more and more users. Please visit our Store

Thanks for your support and happy ArchiCADing!


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