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Boston-July 16: Advanced Illustration with ArchiCAD class

Karl Ottenstein
Integrated CADD Services is hosting two full day classes on Thursday and Friday, July 15 and 16 with a discount for both days. These will be held at the Boston Architectural Center on Newbury.

Advanced Illustration with ArchiCAD will be taught by Dwight Atkinson on July 16th.

Prerequisite: a working knowledge of ArchiCAD. Some sense
of photo-editing applications will help.

Join us and learn how to:
• insert renderings into photographic contexts.
• learn how to create materials customized for any situation.
• adapt imaging approaches to suit various design stages.
• assess images to make image adjustments to make poor
images sing.
• prepare and export ArchiCAD models to radiosity capable
rendering programs.
• review applications that assist the ArchiCAD user to make
better models and illustrations.

This one day seminar takes you from
beginner to master of A rc h i C A D
illustration. In a step-by-step fashion,
Dwight takes you through the thicket
of material creation, light placement
and composition to help you communicate
more effectively using the
BIM. Based in his successful book
"Illustration In ArchiCAD," Dwight
clearly shows the relationship between rendering and photo
manipulation, vital for sophisticated materials and for inserting
your vision into a photo context.

But not everything is a finished photo rendering. Dwight takes
pains to elaborate on time saving ways to present conceptual
work without becoming over committed to materials. One day
with Dwight will help you get your clients closer to saying
"Yes!" to what you show them. Students will receive individual
attention and are encouraged to bring problem imagery on CD
for discussion and advice.

Since the book was published, lots
has happened in the ArchiCAD illustration
world and Dwight comes
equipped to provide an in-depth
look at options for the future including
ray tracing and radiosity based
solutions for high-end imagery.

Cost is $325 for the day, including lunch, or $550 for both days (Karl is teaching on day 1).

For more information (downloadable PDF brochure) and to register, visit:
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