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Graphisoft public roadmap - Follow-up conversation

Dear Community, We're excited to have published our roadmap! We'd love to hear your thoughts and questions. Please feel free to use this thread for discussion. Graphisoft Insights announcement:

Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to the winners! Even hoping to be a winner myself to the last days, i have to say, the real winners with their...

ArchiCAD and creativity

Can someone tell me when archicad stopped being a creative design tool for architects and became so engineering?, a lot of mep, a lot of calculation, a lot of bim, and little design, the mesh tool is still as bad as in version 6, there are no simple ...

DWG translator xml lock tag is funny!

If you open the translator xml file and change false to true it locks it for editing in Archicad DWG Translation Setup.Some seriously funny guys at work in Budapest! Edit: Post doesn't really belong to wishes form, my bad...

DavorP by Enthusiast
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Graphisoft North America Price Increase for 2023

Just got a notice of a price increase for North America subscriptions - However, will not affect SSA as of now. I am not a conspiracy nut but I find it very curious that many architect software companies are raising prices roughly the same and at the...

Reaching out!

If anyone is experiencing work overload and in need of assistance, we have capacity to help. Software: 2x Archicad 26 Solo / 2x Archicad 21 Teamwork / Lumion Pro 12.5 Please feel free to get in touch on 07931906057 or by email on studio@shielsdesign....