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Community front page gets even less useful


I think Graphisoft Insights is a good idea, but does the community front page really have to look like this??




Does Graphisoft navigate the forum using tablets or phones only? There´s so much space wasted!!! Just a whole screen for four big buttons!!!


Yes, we got new forums buttons, but they only show after scrolling down 😞


Cannot be the fonts smaller? The lines closer? Can´t columns be used?  I only see a big white space! The list of posts is still huge, showing only four in each page.


It´s been a long time since the new forums were introduced, but I really think the platform chosen is simply wrong for what I understand a forum must be 😞



Windows 10

It certainly seems as GS is making a high-geared effort at something right now - unfortunately it's not quite clear if it is with focus on users or consumers. As a daily community user I rely solely on two things - a bookmark for unread posts and tabs...


Seems like adding new features without fixing what's broken is the new motto. 🙄

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