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Help me design my new home.

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Basicly im a small builder/handyman and wanting to design my own home using archicad by this time next year. I have a great understanding in most things construction. Ive built my own home between 2005-2009 and im wanting to do it all over again starting from here designing my own house with archicad. To be honest, ive always wanted to be an architect but circumstances in life dictated that that wasnt possible. MAybe, this could be the start of something new if i take to it. Maybe this is wishful thinking but sure, its good to dream once in awhile.

Anyway, thats enough of my rambling for now. Ive downloaded the 30day trail although as expected, Im only able to design a sq-box type house with the roof on the same level. Ive also changed something on archicad and now i only can get one wall at a time when i go to renew my design.

Im wanting to design a split level 5 bed house, 2 bathrooms, 2 ensuites, garage with a large gable window. Plenty of stone work on the exterior and maybe a wall or two inside the house. Ill be doing most of the labour during construction with the help of friends/family who also work in the building trade like in my first build.

Ill be keeping a video diary of everything i do once i get the hang of the archicad software.