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Would this be the best place to start

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Im a small builder and in my spare time, i like to learn new skills and its crossed my mind to learn how to design my own garages/house plans. I know itll be a long road and it would work out cheaper to hire an architect for this if i priced in my own time, however i do like a challenge. Even if its just a few hours a week leaning something new and it takes me somewhere else, id like to go down this route. I was watching a few demos of using the archicad software on youtube and i do find it very interesting indeed.

I also own a very tight site where id like to design a split level house for my own private residence but would need some help from you lovely people on this forum.

Would you say this is doable in 18months from start to finish, designing and lsite location of my own plans with archicad software with the little knowledge that i have using it.
Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin
The ARCHICAD Training Series clips would be a good start:
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laszlonagy wrote:
The ARCHICAD Training Series clips would be a good start:

Thank you for your reply. Ive been following this on youtube however, i dont think its the exact same as the free trail download i have. Would this download i have be more upto date than what im watching on youtube.
Eduardo Rolon
Those videos are from 6 years ago.
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