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Tutorial suggestion for CDs/working drawings


I first used ArchiCAD when I was an architecture intern back in the mid 1990s (v. 4 and 5), but ever since I have been trapped on Revit Island and hated every minute of it. Now that I'm getting established with my own practice, I'm jumping back into ArchiCAD and I'm looking for a good rock to roof tutorial on CD production, like for someone totally new to ArchiCAD. I have v27 and the interface is unrecognizable. Paid services are okay but there seem to be a lot of free ones on YouTube. I watched one of David Tomic's beginner tutorials, but looking at his channel it seems to jump around a lot with not a lot of focus on CDs.

I'm looking around online and would welcome recommendations. Ideally, I'd like a tutorial with emphasis on setting up models for working drawings - floor plans, elevations, details, structure, etc. My practice is a mix of light commercial and residential, new construction & renovation. Not so much interested in the 3D rendering aspect of it, because I have a good SketchUp/VRay workflow for that. Thanks for considering.


The two I'd most highly recommend you start with are Eric Bobrow's considerably large library of both tutorials and templates and the like, and you should also look up Shoegnome (Jared), who's a regular on these forums. 


Others that are little more commercial would be like BIM6x and Central Innovation (formerly CADImage), but they are more resource-based, and the latter are more regional (New Zealand/Australia based), but still have some useful stuff that someone setting up their own workflow might find useful.


There's obviously a whole bunch more, but these are the ones that come to mind for me for someone that might be looking to set up a new system and customize it to their needs, and as always the internet itself is usually a pretty good resource in and of itself.

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Eric Bobrow

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