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Where to learn this program?


Can anyone recommend a good comprehensive but not overblown set of tutorials to watch? I'm trying to learn this program for some freelance work, and thus far I have to say I am finding it extremely difficult, esoteric, and non intuitive. I'm spending 10x the time it would take to do things in revit or even in cad or rhino for some simple residential work. For reference I was able to learn Revit for work at a firm and do complex hospital jobs, and I was able to figure out Houdini, and Unreal on my own with youtube no problem, but even changing the text size in this program is like a journey into 10 different menus.

I have a access to the bobrow series of tutorials but they are way too focused in minutiae and not coming from a day to day needs perspective IMO.

Ricardo Lopez

Hi @angar 


Check Graphisoft Learn (, there are many well crafted courses there. You can also complete those with some interesting articles and knowledge base here in this Graphisoft Community.


Regards. -

M. Arch. Ricardo López
BIM Consultant | Project Solutions and Services | Panama
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