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Archicad START Edition 2020

Aline Sattler
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See also: StartEdition

Archicad STAR(T) Edition 2020 was released on January 23, 2020. Based on the technology of Archicad 23,  Archicad START Edition 2020 is a professional BIM solution with critical features most smaller practices need.

Serving as a base for the latest Archicad START Edition, Archicad 23’s robust, well-tested engine satisfies the needs of a smaller practice. Archicad START EDITION 2020 provides the full power of Archicad 23’s BIM-based streamlined documentation workflow, allowing the project model to stay live until the very end of the design documentation phase: it helps keeping architects in the state of the creative design flow with as little disruption as possible. (To take advantage of the entire range of Archicad features and benefits, upgrade to the full version of Archicad at any time and continue editing all your previously started projects with it.)

To purchase Archicad START Edition 2020, contact an Archicad Reseller.


STAR(T) Edition 2020 supports the following operating systems:

STAR(T) Edition 2020 does not support the following operating systems:
  • The latest updates are required to be installed on all Operating Systems
  • Only 64-bit Operating Systems are supported

Read more on System Requirements for STAR(T) Edition 2020

Can read files created with:

  • STAR(T) Edition 2006 or newer versions
  • Archicad 8.1 and 9

STAR(T) Edition 2020 files can be opened with:

STAR(T) Edition 2020 protection key / licensing:



The advanced Column and Beam Tools allow faster and more accurate modeling of construction details and quantity estimation for columns and beams.

Coordinate your projects with all key stakeholders using the brand-new Opening Tool to create voids, recesses and niches, and share them using IFC.


Optimized raw performance, reduced file sizes and faster opening of projects make Archicad START EDITION 2020 more responsive than ever!

Switch instantly between tabs, open multiple projects with one click, and enjoy reduced rebuilding time of model views.


Boost your productivity with the new Startup Dialog and the Action Center.

Start your work in an instant, without any interrupting messages. Activate the desired design views with Tab Previews. Search in Work Environment.


Archicad START EDITION 2020 offers optimized workflows thanks to the updated lnfo Box panels of the Zone and Label tools, simplified Shell and Morph Input Dialogs, Text Label Pointer Lines options and Unique IDs in View Settings.

Create Sun Study animations displayed with customized date and time options and location stamp and get live feedback from Sunlight Settings about the cast- and self shadows.


Display Beams and Columns using various projected and symbolic views and cover fills. Ramp, Elevator and Window library parts offer richer options.


Follow the detailed installation instructions to install Archicad STAR(T) Edition. If you encounter any problem during installation please check this page.



To uninstall Archicad STAR(T) Edition 2020 from Windows, it is best to use the “Programs” or “Add or Remove Programs” utility, accessible from the Control Panel.

You can also browse to your Archicad STAR(T) Edition 2020 folder and execute the uninstaller in the Uninstall.AC subfolder.


On Mac, navigate to the “Uninstall.AC” folder in your Archicad STAR(T) Edition 2020 folder, and select the “” application.

The Uninstall Wizard will remove files which were installed by the Archicad Installation Wizard. CodeMeter and associated components are not removed.

The uninstaller will not remove any files you have created in the Archicad main folder - e.g. Archicad project files that you saved into the Archicad main folder.

For Silent uninstall check the Install Guide.

Version Comparison

Check the new features comparison chart to see the differences between Archicad 23 Full and StartEdition versions: Version Comparison

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