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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Archicad 26 Update 2 Preview

Archicad is regularly updated with valuable fixes: you can enable the automatic Check for Updates to alert you whenever a library or program update is available. With the latest release of Archicad 26, all users have a new option: you can Check for Update Previews as well. 


What is an Update Preview? 

A few weeks before a regular Archicad update, Graphisoft releases a preview version. Update previews are internally tested but not yet ready for wide release. Now, any user can install and test the Update Preview, and report any issues or bugs, so they can be fixed before the regular update is released. Please use it at your own risk. 


Set this preference (Check for Updates Only or Check for both Updates and Update Previews) during installation. You can change your notification preferences at any time in Archicad’s Work Environment dialog. 




What's new in the Archicad 26 Update 2 Preview? 

As usual, the focus of Archicad updates is to improve the existing release based on users’ feedback and bug reporting. This time is no exception and our teams have worked hard to deliver an even better solution for you. Get more detailed information regarding bug fixing on the regularly issued List of Improvements.


Archicad 26 Update 2 will also introduce some new functionalities and enhancements, such as: 

  • EcoDesigner STAR out-of-the-box (available for Graphisoft Forward users): more info about EcoDesigner STAR in this article. 
  • Improved UI and UX of the five attributes such as: 
  • Archicad users will get a good overview in the Attribute Manager about which materials are used in the project and what the dependencies are between the connected attributes. 
  • BIM managers can review all attributes belonging to the same attribute type and reindex a set of attributes quickly and easily so they can build efficient office templates. 
  • Users can build advanced search criteria by using the feature-rich new search functionality in the attribute settings dialogs.  
  • Enable user to manage the attribute import process by providing visual control over attributes. 
  • Users do have to scroll less in the attribute pickers to pick the wanted item thanks to the adaptive resizing of the picker UI. 
  • Improved interoperability between Archicad and FRILO: 
  • Import directly from FRILO to Archicad 
  • FRILO recognizes an imported file if it is for the same project that it opened previously (available with the upcoming FRILO release). 


Archicad 26 Update 2 Preview will be available starting August 26 (you will get notified automatically once the update is available) in the following languages: INT, USA, UKI, AUS, NZE, GER and AUT. 


Product Success Team