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Dear All,

Archicad 26 Update 4 is now available. We have created packages for INT, USA, UKI, AUS, NZE, GER, AUT, BRA, FRA, ITA, and CHE language versions, as they successfully passed quality control.

The remaining language versions will be released in two phases in the next two weeks.


Make sure to install this update for Archicad 26, as it addresses performance, documentation, and collaboration issues. Read the complete List of Improvements on our related page here.

Update installers are available in the Updates section of our website.


There are minor changes between the Preview and the Final version of this Update, so the build numbers between the two will differ. However, this won’t cause any compatibility issues for those who installed the Preview version earlier; transitioning to the Final version will be seamless with the new installers.

The Check for Updates feature will notify end users about the new version.


Should you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!

Technical Support Team