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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Archicad AI Visualizer

Dear Community Members,


The buzz around AI breakthroughs has shaken up the tech industry. At Graphisoft, we are pleased to announce an experimental tool — Archicad AI Visualizer — which will create impressive, AI-based images for your early design concept models right inside Archicad. The industry-leading Stable Diffusion AI engine powers the technology, and it’s fully optimized to meet your or your clients’ needs.



How does it work?


All you have to do is create a simple concept model in Archicad and then, by using text prompts or few descriptive words such as “fully glazed office building with tall towers on the background”, get various images to present to your clients without a detailed model.


Archicad AI Visualizer is already integrated into Archicad, so you don’t need to purchase any third-party solutions. The interface is simple so, again you don’t need to learn prompt engineering. Prompts and results are optimized for architectural and interior design workflows. Your IPs are fully protected thanks to the running technology and the images being stored locally on your computers.


Within the tool, you can set up image sizes, change the number of iterations to speed up the image generation, edit the prompt strength for more precise results, and much more.


How does Archicad AI Visualizer benefit you?


The solution provides high-quality images generated by a powerful AI engine that represents design alternatives by adding details, context, and ideas to your original concept. This allows you to accelerate the early design process without needing to model every design alternative. Thanks to the easy to understand yet impressive visuals, you can involve your clients early in the design process and expand your existing toolsets. This way, you can directly help Graphisoft with their approach to AI technologies.




Any customer with a valid Archicad 27 license and NVIDIA GPUs or Apple’s latest silicon chips can get involved in this exciting experiment. The package is created in the INT version but will work with every other local version.


To learn more about Archicad AI Visualizer, please check out the link below:


Join our dedicated group in Graphisoft Community to try Archicad AI Visualizer and learn about best practices, review system requirements, and installation instructions. We value your thoughts and feedback. By doing so, you can help Graphisoft implement more AI-related solutions to help your workflows in the future.