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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Mastering Schedules in Archicad: A Key to Efficient Project Management

I recently visited the Digital Construction Week in London and met one of my former colleagues who is still practicing architecture. The discussion quickly evolved into past projects and challenges. We both remembered our good and hard times while working on a hospital refurbishment project, especially my own area of responsibility: creating schedules!




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I can’t recall how often I had to replace doors, change floor types, and update furniture while adhering to stringent local regulations. Creating a detailed schedule was crucial. It allowed me to document each door's specifications meticulously, ensuring that the manufacturers received precise data regarding sizes, types, and compliance requirements. This approach streamlined the renovation process and guaranteed that all stakeholders were aligned, minimizing errors and delays.


As architects, we often face the challenge of managing and sharing vast amounts of data accurately and efficiently. Whether working on new projects or refurbishing existing spaces, schedules have become indispensable in my workflow. It helps me visualize the data embedded in the model, giving me control and clarity about what the team is producing and what will be shared with the clients and consultants.


Hospital_Schedule2 1.gif


Schedules in Archicad are more than just lists; they are powerful tools that can help you with:


- Quantitative Analysis: Create various schedule types to meet different project needs.

  • Providing exact counts and measurements of project elements.

- Cost Estimation: Format schedules for clarity and usability.

  • Helping in budgeting by detailing materials and components.

- Documentation: Apply classifications, properties, and expressions for precise data management.

  • Ensuring all project specifications are communicated.

-Quality Control:  Implement quality assurance checks to ensure data accuracy.

  • Verifying that all data meets design.


Schedules can also be combined with simple or more advanced expression-defined properties to give you the control you need in a BIM-enabled project.


Check out the Expression-Defined Properties Workflow Guide


Imagine you are tasked with designing a large commercial building. With advanced scheduling techniques, you can create comprehensive schedules detailing every element, from windows to flooring materials. These schedules aid in the design phase and ensure clear communication with contractors and suppliers, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays.


To learn more about how to transform your architectural practice with advanced scheduling techniques, join the course Advanced Scheduling Techniques in Archicad here.  


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