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Take the leap to becoming a Certified BIM Author! 


In Graphisoft Learn’s latest Model Authoring Bundle, leading Graphisoft experts teach you the A-Z of modeling, documenting, scheduling, and presenting a project in a collaborative environment. 

The first course starts in September. Save your seat today! 




What’s inside? 

The bundle contains foundation-level, self-paced courses that will give you a solid basic knowledge of Archicad and other Graphisoft products and advanced-level trainer-led courses, all organized into learning paths that demystify workflows. Advanced courses will help you develop your knowledge and skills to become a Certified Archicad BIM Author.  


With the Model Authoring Bundle, you get 12 months of access to its contents. The foundation-level courses are available on-demand, and you can enroll in them at any time — the advanced-level courses will be available up to 3 times within this 12-month period and you can enroll in them based on your availability. 


Visit the Graphisoft Learn Portal and enroll in the Model Authoring Bundle today!