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In case you missed it: we have extended the Graphi Story challenge deadline to December 31, 2022, 12:00 PM. Now you have until the end of the year to share your memories with us!


The jury will select the most interesting and inspiring stories for a chance to get Community Badges and Graphisoft goodies. Selected stories also have a chance to be featured in our Graphisoft Insights!


Meet the jury



Gábor Bojár

Gábor is the co-founder of Graphisoft, founded in 1982 with the late István Tari Gábor. Under his management, Graphisoft became not just the most successful multinational software firm in Eastern Europe, but also one of the largest 3D architectural modeling software companies in the world on personal computers.






Isabel Sipahi

Acting as Product Manager since the creation of Graphisoft's subsidiary in Brazil in 2014, Isabel was responsible for localizing Archicad on the Brazilian market. She is a co-developer of Graphisoft's Professional Services and Customer Health programs worldwide. Isabel has a professional background in commercial architecture and interior design, complemented by years of working in the field of marketing and branding. Check out Isabel’s story here.






Shinako Toh

Toh-san is the leader of technical support at Graphisoft Japan. She started her journey with Graphisoft learning GDL coding and continuously improved her technical knowledge Graphisoft solutions. She has been working with Japanese customers since 2004 and hopes Graphisoft is a company loved by customers forever.

Check out Toh-san’s story here.




Norbert Fekete

Norbi joined Graphisoft earlier this year as Global Graphics Design Manager. We invited him to be a part of the jury to get to know Graphisoft better and from your perspective. He is skilled in various creative fields, from painting to sculpture, and works today with digital visual creation.

Check out Norbi’s story here.




Eszter Czéh

Eszter has been an HR leader at Graphisoft for over two decades, witnessing and supporting the company’s growth from an up-and-coming Hungarian software manufacturer to an influential global player of the AEC industry. During this time, she has seen many personal success stories and exceptional performance of colleagues that pushed the company forward. Supporting a generation of leaders and a team that has multiplied and significantly expanded geographically, she had a close view on many Graphi Stories unfolding before her eyes and is excited to hear more great stories from our larger global community.





Evelyn Lotter

Evelyn is the education manager for Germany and Austria. She was part of the team starting the Wildcads program in Germany and Austria, where they prepare and share knowledge/training content with students, as well as give them a free option to work with Teamwork. Evelyn works with more than 2,000 students per semester and her goal is to help students along their journey to become successful architects with Archicad.




Kevin Losso

Kevin is a senior technical support engineer at Graphisoft North America in Boston. Over the years, he has helped numerous customers overcome their challenges and helped them master Archicad. He is a core member of the team that colleagues and customers can always rely on.





Miklós Misley

Miklós is a director of product development at Graphisoft HQ in Budapest. He is the longest serving employee as he joined Graphisoft in the very early days 40 years ago. He works continuously on improving Archicad’s quality and is dedicated to making Archicad a great software.



Now that you know our jury a bit better, drop us a few lines about your career. We are eager to learn how our work has been a part of your journey.


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The Graphisoft Community Team