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Rhino-Grasshopper & Archicad experts team up to design free Mediterranean living

Dear Community,


We are delighted to share our latest Client Success Story on Brenac & Gonzalez & Associés – Higher Roch, France.


The Higher-Roch Tower’s flowing terraces required an innovative combination of tools. French architecture firm Brenac & Gonzalez & Associés have long championed using Archicad in their home country. In Montpellier, France, they put its unique information modeling capabilities to work with parametric designs created in Grasshopper. To realize the original design intent of the Higher-Roch residential tower and construct its organic waved facade on budget, they teamed up with consultants to build a unique workflow that let them experiment with shape, bulk, and other parameters. Combined with Archicad’s instant sun and shadow fall calculations, the ‘Mediterranean Tower’ succeeded in capturing the natural warmth, abundant light, and beauty of the region throughout its terraced floors.