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Graphisoft Talks with Tatsuro Kawai

In our latest episode of Graphisoft Talks, Tatsuro Kawai tell us the story of his unique journey from Japan to Hungary. Join our host, Nathan Hildebrandt, for an inspiring conversation with Tatsuro, exploring intersections of architecture, technology, and personal growth. 


Tatsuro transitioned from chemical engineering in Australia, embracing architecture in Hungary, and eventually, through a simple seminar (with the lure of free pizza) learning about Graphisoft. His story is a testament to the power of curiosity, adaptability, and the importance of seizing opportunities. 


He shares his insights into his contributions towards enhancing Graphisoft's software for architectural education. He emphasizes his commitment to ensuring that both students and educators have access to the tools necessary for innovative design work. Furthermore, Tatsuro plays a crucial role in the localization of the software, making it accessible and user-friendly for our global audience. 


Learn more about Tatsuro's adventures around the world and his role at Graphisoft are many things, including a great reminder that being open to new things can lead you to exciting places and surprising opportunities. 


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