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AI Visualizer challenge highlights

Dear Community Members, 


We are thrilled to announce the selected works from our latest Community challenge, which put the capabilities of the Archicad AI Visualizer into play!


Powered by Stable Diffusion, the AI Visualizer is an experimental Archicad capability that creates inspiring and detailed 3D visualizations during the early design stages. We invited participants to check out the tool and experiment with how artificial intelligence could be used in their own practice.


The jury panel selected the highlights of the challenge based on each submission’s creativity, moodboard composition, and resulting AI image.


Without further ado, feast your eyes on these stunning selections!



Metropolitan Echoes, by @Waldemar


AI Visualizer A.png


A dirty, grimy, rainy, smoky dystopian city on a narrow street with crowds,
video screens, storefronts, advertising signs, traffic lights, airships,
wires, grates, rust, billboards, and tall neon signs, Carbon Steel,
frosted glass, art deco, steam punk, photorealistic, blue house



The juxtaposition of sleek, contemporary architecture with the retro-futuristic addition creates a compelling visual narrative. The choice of materials — the warmth of the copper tones against the coolness of the blue panels — not only provides a stunning contrast but also infuses the scene with an atmospheric quality of classic science fiction. The lighting and general feel of the image provide a cinematic quality reminiscent of a neo-noir film. It's evident that a lot of thought went into the materiality and architectural styling, making this entry a standout. The resulting composition is a window into an alternate reality where architecture defy norms, invoking nostalgia, futurism and novelty. The approach taken here exemplifies the creative possibilities when one blends inspiration from different eras and styles, to bring such imaginative concepts to life.


@Jan Millan



Innenhafen Duisburg by @Frank Schlenke 


AI Visualizer B.png


A hyper realistic image of four modern urban office and residential buildings.
Different grey #facades with huge windows on ground floor and fewer windows above.
Green roofs with big plants



The conceptual translation of the inner harbor of Duisburg into the Archicad logo is a striking and thoughtful design choice. It's remarkable how you've reimagined this space, infusing it with new potential while paying homage to the symbolic significance of the location in your hometown. By leveraging AI-based visualization along with other software solutions to complete your final composition, you've not only created a diverse range of facades but also instilled a sense of possibility into the landscape—a museum, a residential building, office space... all within steps of the harbor. I can visualize this space being full of life and outdoor activities. A place where families and friends blossom. This entry reflects how Archicad’s capabilities can be leveraged to encapsulate personal narratives and local identity in architecture.



@Jan Millan 



Residence Modeling from Simple Mass by @scoz 


AI Visualizer C.png


Wall finished glass and concrete
Contemporary Design
Forest and Lake side
Winter scape



A wonderful representation of how you can get inspired by different versions of an original model.



@Illes Papp 



Green Dimensions by @Fruzsi 


AI Visualizer D.png


The resulting image is more like a painting than an architectural visualization. The mix of nature and raw architectural elements is in perfect balance and is in sync with the moodboard. Even though the source Archicad model is less building-like, the result is a great source of inspiration.



@Akos Karoczkai 



Cabin in the Woods by @derekjackson 


AI Visualizer E.png


A modern timber house amongst the dense trees in a forest.
Timber, light cedar shingles, earthy muted red metal, glass.
Dappled light hitting facade and concrete paving, surrounded by trees and woodland.
Depth of field, silver birch, woodland cabin.



This entry demonstrates a nice blend of traditional and modern materials, showcasing how Archicad’s AI Visualizer can bring diverse textures to life. The attention to material detail adds a layer of realism and depth to the design.



@Jan Millan 



High Rise Building by @Oleksandr Rodchenko 


AI Visualizer F.png


A modern cylinder high rise building with fence terraces in the city;
Use textures: Pavement, Marble, MetalFence, FrostedGlass, Concrete



This entry is testament to the harmonious integration of organic forms within a structured urban fabric. The circular terraces provide a captivating contrast to the geometric rigidity of the adjacent buildings, evoking a sense of fluidity. The soft glow of the interior lighting invites one for a closer look, while the lush terraces suggest a commitment to green spaces even in the heart of the city. This is a great example of how modern architecture can embrace nature without compromising on aesthetic appeal.



@Jan Millan 


An appealing visual wrapped around math!



@Illes Papp 



Oops! Not familiar with the Archicad AI Visualizer yet?


Start by watching our webinar right here on Graphisoft Community. Illés Papp (Product Manager) and Jenő Barta (Product Designer) presented the Archicad AI Visualizer, providing an accessible overview of the tool, and tips & tricks for achieving the best results.


Watch the webinar


For more resources, a complete installation guide, system requirements, forum discussions, and related articles, join our AI Visualizer user group.



Congratulations to all the selected users for their great contributions and thank you to each participant who had the spirit to explore and share their creative works with us.

If you didn’t win this time, gear up for our next challenge coming up soon! Time flies when we’re having fun 😉

Graphisoft Community Team