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Tip of the Month, May 2024: Custom reference for Elevation Dimensions

Dear Community members, 


Those of you working with interior design in multi-story buildings, may have wondered at some point, about how you could custom reference Elevation Dimensions so that each room has its finished floor height as the 0.00 mark. The Tip of May is here to give you a short yet effective guide, shared by @Mahmoud Qenawi.


Step 1 – Set the user origin in your View


After creating your Interior Elevations or Sections, open the view and set the user origin by clicking on this icon:

Set user.png


If it is not available in your toolbar, search for the Set User Origin command in your Work Environment dialog.


Step 2 – Edit your placed Elevation Dimension settings


Once you’ve placed your dimension annotation, go to the Dimension Selection Settings dialog and change the Dimension Origin from the default (Project Zero) to Current User Origin:

Elevation Dimension.gif



Thank you to Mahmoud for sharing his knowledge and winning his first Tip of the Month! The content above is based on @L_K_mak’s forum thread.

Stay tuned and continue to share your knowledge in the forum. We are already on the lookout for the Tip of June!


Graphisoft Community Team