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Dear Community Members,


We are excited to share that we have successfully launched the German Community. Over the past few months, our local and global teams have been working to make this happen. To create a full-fledged, content-rich experience, we have migrated the previous German-speaking Archicad Forum, with 24 years' worth of content, to the new site, plus knowledge base articles from two different sites.

Dive in and please welcome our newest members - you’ll see some familiar names, because some have been active in the International Community.


Do you speak German? Check out the new site!

Click on the globe icon to switch between languages:





Note that if your language settings are not set to "use default", changing the language here in the switcher will affect only the content, not the website navigation. Learn more about language settings below.


Language settings

If you want to use Graphisoft Community in just one language, go to your language preferences. Under My settings, you can choose between English, German, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese. The website navigation will adapt accordingly.




We are eager to see you connect with each other and welcome new members to Graphisoft Community! Have fun!


Account deletion requests will take longer

While the transition of our German forum users to the Community is underway, it may take longer (up to one month) to process account deletion requests.

Thank you for your patience.


The Graphisoft Community Team