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As the Technology Preview Program ends, we would like to thank all the participants who contributed significantly to its success. We especially want to acknowledge the following individuals for their outstanding contributions to the program:


Technology Preview Detectives - they discovered the most bugs and inconsistencies, and sent the most feedback: Emil Skaarup Schmidt, Yuka Ogawa, Kei Mito.


Technology Preview Trailblazers - they spent the most time actively on the Archicad Technology Preview:

Stefan Veselinovic, Victor Ionescu, Martin Luther Jules, Roman Schmidt, Janusz Giermanski, Vijitha Ariyaratne, Andreas Kusstatscher, André Gonçalves, Amauri Santos.


Technology Preview Community Heroes – they were the most active on Graphisoft Community, based on the Community statistics: Barry Kelly, Thomas Lodge, Trevor Bone, Mahmoud Qenawi, Lucas Becker, Eduardo Rolon, Daniel Kovacs, Manuel Trantalis.


Of the 3,300 program participants, these heroes contributed the most to our successful product launch. As a token of our appreciation, we awarded them a certificate. They will also receive another reward soon — a Technology Preview T-shirt with their titles.


As a friendly heads-up, we'd like to remind you that the Technology Preview licenses expire on Friday, October 20. The Archicad 27 Technology Preview version will no longer function after that date. Therefore, we recommend transitioning to the official release version of Archicad 27.

Archicad 27 is a separate application to be downloaded from the Downloads page. Commercial licenses will not sync with the Archicad 27 Technology Preview versions. If you don’t have a valid Archicad 27 license, we suggest getting one to ensure continuous access and functionality.